A Legacy Born

The idea…..

One afternoon, my wife and I had a conversation about all the encounters we’ve had with individuals throughout our lives. We realized that people, ourselves included, hold a ton of “MISCONCEPTIONS” about one another. These misconceptions are superficially based on race, gender, where someone was raised, economic status...and the list goes on. 

We decided that day to create a family based clothing line that would display positive messages, but most importantly remind our children and our community just how powerful and special we are. 

With this goal in mind, we created Misconception Brands:  

Misconception Clothing Line- an athleisure line aimed at bringing awareness to the struggles we face as black men and women.

Beautiful Being - a ladies athleisure line reminding the black QUEEN that there’s nothing as beautiful or more powerful on the face of the earth as she is.

Solid Royalty- a unisex line that encourages our young kings & queens to accept nothing less than what royalty deserves.

The problem…..“Not all cookies crumble the same.”